Landed in LA! Good to be back, now just have to get home.
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Somehow I lost a huge post I had typed about Taipei. Sorry.
The city is amazing. There are some very cool things happening here. It isn't your typical mission location, but God is doing some great things and there is great opportunity for ministry.
There is a great team here on the ground. They are all in their 20s and are ministering to those in their 20s.
Can't wait to share more when I get back. Now I an headed back out into the city. Thank you so much for your prayers. This has been a great trip, and we are not done yet.

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2nd night in the same bed

Tonight will be the second night in the same bed. That hasn't happened yet. This has been a whirlwind trip, but it has been so good. We've really seen a lot!
Today we went to the weekend market, which was great! It is the biggest market that I have ever seen!

We were also able toeet with a few of the missionaries includig the regional and field director. These people love what they are doing and are passionate about reaching the lost.

Probably the most impactfull thing we have seen so far this trip wasthe slum we visited this afternoon. I have attached a picture. To try and explain what we saw simply is not possible. To utter poverty and lack of hope was simply heart breaking. I will not soon forget that walk through the slum neighborhood.

To end the night we ate at a very nice Thai food place. Not exactly sure what it all was, but it was fantastic.

Tomorrow we'll got to church, then head to the airport to jump on a flight to Taiwan. This trip is flying by. With each country I wonder what we will see. And each time, God continues to exceed anything I could have imagined.

It's time for bed. I think I am finally adjusting to the time change. Tomorrow we go from 12 to 13 hours difference.

I'll update again when I get to Taiwan.
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we made it to Bangkok

We made it to te guest house in Bangkok. We'll be headed out soon to find dinner. I'll try and post more tonight before bed.
Cambodia was amazing! I am looking forward to the next 2 countries.
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we made it to Bangkok

We made it to te guest house in Bangkok. We'll be headed out soon to find dinner. I'll try and post more tonight before bed.
Cambodia was amazing! I am looking forward to the next 2 countries.
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We toured a few old temples today. Wow, they were amazing. They we in Ankor Wat. It is where tomb raider was filmed. The history there was crazy!
We then made our way to meet with more international workers. What they are doing in this city is amazing. This city is a boarder city and many young people end up here hoping to cross into Thailand and find prosperity. There is almost no sense of family here. The church is trying to help these young people. Their dedication and love for these people is admirable.
The food was amazing as well! Best food we've had so far. It was also great to spend time with 3 of the missionary families. The kids were great!
I am looking forward to the rest of the trip, today is the last day of Cambodia. We are headed into Thailand now. And, we get to meet up with Ben, the lost passport guy :)
That's all for now. This post was written on Thursday the 28th.
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quick check in

Just checking in. Headed out for the day. Don't know when I will have internet again. Could be a few days.
We are having a great time. A really poor area today. Eye opening.

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floating school

Today we met some of the missionaries and visited the floating school. Amazing!

We then took a 6 hour bus ride through the country to our new location. Just checked in the hotel and ready for supper.

Might post more later. Need to share the internet.

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jet lag

Well, the sun just came up and I am wide awake. I was able to sleep for a solid 4 hrs tonight. I hear we have a long bus ride this after noon that I am hoping gives me an opportunity to catch a nap.
Hopefully these posts will become a bit more coherent soon. Sorry about that.

Here is an update:
Our flights were long, but good. We've watched far to many movies, and I have played over 100 holes of golf on the little video game (each seat has a personal video screen for movies, games and more)
Our friend Ben, who lost his passport, is now in Korea waiting for a flight to meet up with us. I really feel bad for him. He has spent a lot of time sitting in airports so far this trip. We are looking forward to him joining us and finally being able to enjoy the trip. Please pray that the trip will not be over shadowed by these difficulties for him. I know he must be frustrated.
Today we head to start visiting some of the alliance missions and missionaries. I am excited to see and learn about what is happening here.

It is hot and humid! Last night when we arrived, it was 85 and crazy humid. Weather report for today is more of the same. 90 percent humidity. My hair is going to be so curly!

I can't promise I'll have internet the next few nights. Don't worry, no new posts does not mean anything is wrong. I will at least give a quick update whenever I get internet.
I can actually write posts, and save them to my phone. So when I get a signal, I will post what I've written. Remember though, I am not posting everything we see and experience. I gotta have some stories to tell when I get back.;)

Time for a great day! I'll post again soon.

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we have arrived in Cambodia!

We are here. After nearly 30 hrs of Travel we have arrived. Some have slept the whole way, others just an hour or two. Me... somewhere in the middle.
The flights have been good. Our transfer in Korea consisted of deboarding. Going through security, and reboardong. It took less than 15 minutes.
The food has been ok. Rice and beef, chicken and rice, and some other thing have been served. It is a great airline! Even we go en slippers for the long flight.

We are very tired and looking forward to sleep, which may or may not come ;)

Thank you all for praying. We look forward to what is on store for us tomorrow and in the coming days. We are hopeful that we will soon here that Ben is not far behind us. Last we were able to hear from him, we were in LA and he was on Chicago hopeful of a midnight flight.

That is all I have for now. Thanks for following along.
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on the plane

Just got on the plane. Headed to Korea. Last update till after we get settled. We all have passports, one of the guys is still in Chicago but has passport and will meet us in Cambodia.
Thanks for your prayers. It's going to be great! Just a lot of sitting before we get there.

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ready to fly

We are currently sitting in Chicago waiting to head one of our guys lost his passport, so he is somewhere in Chicago trying to get a new one. We are hoping we will see him once we get to Asia.
Other than that, nothing else is new. A lot of sitting is in our future.
Check it out, they gave us the alliance plane. Actually, its not our plane, but it was at our gate.
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