all nighter... what am I thinking

being a youth pastor is something I LOVE! However, spending the entire night awake with a bunch of 13-18 year olds might just do me in. I like to think of myself as an energetic person. Someone who isn't an old fart yet. So why am I dreading being up all night tonight? Well, I think that there are a couple reasons for that. Here are the highlights.
1. I like to sleep.
2. There will be one kid there that is just weird on Mountain Dew and will drive me crazy. I don't know who it will be yet, but it will happen.
3. The hours of 4-7 are going to go SO SLOW it isn't even funny.
4. I don't get to spend new years with my wife and son :(
5. I get to spend my day off sleeping. Not the way I would envision it!

Don't get me wrong. Tonight is going to be a BLAST! I am looking forward to the broomball and dodgeball the most. It just takes me longer to recover from the night is all. At least I am not as old as my good old friend Doug Fields who says "My idea of an all nighter is making it through the night without having to get up to pee." I am not that old yet!

I'll keep you posted