Wild Game

Had a great night at the Wild game with one of my students, LT. His grandpa supplied the sweet Club Level seats! SWEET!

The Wild didn't do so hot. Only one fight. Down 3-0 in the second period the Wild scored 2 goals in 7 seconds! It was the most exciting 7 seconds of the day for sure, but they just couldn't get anything going. 2 shots clanked the post later in the 3rd period. Oh well, still a great night!

Even more exciting was trying to remember where we parked our car! Hey, at least we were in the right parking ramp!

Quote of the night: "Oh lets just follow these guys, they look like they know where they are going." There were 15 of us in an elevator... ALL of us said the same thing! NOBODY knew where we were going!

Thanks LT (and grandpa!) Great seats... Great game... Great times!