What's attitude got to do with it?

I just started reading The Difference Maker, Making your attitude your greatest asset, by John C. Maxwell. I am only one chapter into it, but I like what I am reading! Attitude is big, huge even, but Maxwell suggests that attitude isn't everything, but he does say that it is something that can make a big difference in your life.
I especially like his first couple paragraphs. He talks about how he cannot think himself a good singer. A good attitude is HUGE, but there also needs to be talent. Its true.
Have you ever thought about your attitude, how it affects you, where it came from, what affects it, or if it really changes who you are? I guess I haven't put a ton of thought into it myself. I am excited for the rest of the book. I think that Maxwell is a great writer!

Our attitude makes ugly people attractive, but it also makes beautiful people ugly! Something to think about...