Touch of class in Indianapolis

so we arrived in Indianapolis today. Got a nice rental car with navigation, had it valet parked (it is cheaper than the ramp) and are staying at a great hotel! However, we have decided that the more you pay for your room, the more that they make you pay for.

Days Inn gives you free wireless internet. Hyatt charges you 10.00 a day.
Hyatt also charges you 2 bucks for the bottled water that they place in your room. WHAT?

I guess this "touch of class" isn't for this boy from Northern Minnesota. Give me a Days Inn with free wireless anyday!

Tomorrow the conference starts in the afternoon. I will fill you in on all the fun and information that we take in. Until then, I need to go and digest this buffalo wildwing meal!

Until tomorrow


Brad said...

In my travels I have found that the more you pay for the room, the better the bed. So here are my hints to you when you find yourself WAY outclassed at your next hotel: Bring your own water, scam wireless internet from the hotel accros the street, pretend you don't know your are supposed to tip everyone and thier mom standing in the lobby just for saying hi to you, and enjoy the best sleep of your life in a bed that is a soft as the clouds.

folkestad said...

You are right on the beds for sure! And we got our internet free at the hotel for the rest of the trip. It is 9.95 a day if you are a guest, free if you sign up (also free) for the select club.
Sounds good to me! Free internet, for the rest of the weekend.
Nice hotel! But no thanks for the mini bar!

Brad said...

So you went to Indy, slept in nice beds and ate BW2s but now you have been back for like two weeks and no updates...This blog is slowly making its way off my fun-things-to-do-while-procrastinating-at-work list.