a year ago today

One year ago today I was eating my first breakfast in Africa. I wasn't sure what I was eating for sure. I knew that it was eggs and some sort of spread that I put on the toast. It wasn't bad, but I would soon learn that it wouldn't be the worst meal I ate there!

What a wonderful time we had in Africa. We spent almost the entire month of November there! We even celebrated Thanksgiving there! Obviously something they do not do. I am lonesome for Tanzania right now! I want to see the smiling faces and hear the amazing music! I want to be a part of that again. Some day, I pray, I will return. If not to Tanzania, to another part of Africa. It is an amazing place. If you ever have the chance, GO. In fact, MAKE IT A PRIORITY to visit Africa!

We got to do some awesome stuff! I took this picture of the Elephant on our safari. If you want some interesting reading, go and read the posts from November on 2006 on this blog. In fact, YOU MUST read this one. Talk about a memory! So much fun!

What I will miss most about Africa is their simple, yet true faith in God. In America, we are Christians so we can go to heaven when we die. In Tanzania, they are Christians because they need it to survive the day! They trust in God like few Americans do. They worship God like few Americans do. They believe in God like few Americans do. And i am including myself in that statement! Why is it that we put some many things, so many people, so much money before our relationship with God? We are a selfish nation, we are selfish people.

Today I miss Tanzania! thank goodness I am planning another trip to Africa (hopefully) within the next year or so!


Ali said...

What a great reflection on your passion for an amazing place...maybe someday Luke and I will venture there.

redcowboyhat said...

I heard a quote about Africa that went something like this:
If you go to Africa with a hard heart, it will come back soft.
If you go to Africa with a soft heart, it will come back broken.
If you go to Africa with a broken heart, you won't come back.