Busy, busy times

Its been a busy couple weeks.  We celebrated our seniors in our student ministry, closed out the school year ministry schedule and Kate and I made our way to Louisville, KY for the National Council for the CMA. 

Summer is now here, and the schedule doesn't look like it is getting any slower.  Next week I will be spending the week as the camp speaker at one of my favorite places on the face of the earth... Big Sandy Camp.  I am excited that Kate and Caden are going to be able to come and join me for the end of the week :)  Always fun to have them come along to camp.

The remainder of the month of June is jam packed with friends, family time and some fun youth group stuff. (YUCKFEST to name just one).  

Here's hoping your summer schedule doesn't get too crazy.  Let me remind you of one important thing as we come into the summer schedules... Don't forget about the important stuff, specifically your relationship with Christ.  So often we get so busy completing our schedules that we forget about that which is the most important.  Schedule time into your day for some time with Him.  Schedule time in your week to spend an hour at church.  It's not always easy to do, but it will be the most important thing on your schedule!

Have a great summer!  I look forward to keeping you updated on things in my life.  Please do the same!



Brad and Lisa said...

Good info. Thanks for the reminder. I am bit jealous a week of work for you consists of BSC. I know you will work hard, but I also know you'll have plenty of time to relax with the kids in one of the best places on earth.

I know your summer schedule is packed, but you should look and see if there is an open slot some weekend. I'd like to bring the fam down to do the Trollhogen (sp?) thing and see a Twins game in the Doe one last time.

Folkestad said...

totally, lets make it happen. Actually, I think that you are thinking of Wild Mountain (its the ski hill with a water park during the summer).
Let's make it happen! I am gone this week, then I am gone July 7-14 (mexico), then I am gone July 26-Aug 1st. (BSC again)

Let me know some dates.