I am so excited to post that my trip has been paid for in full!  My plan tickets have been purchased and I am ready to go!  I cannot begin to say thank you to all of you who have supported as I raised funds for the trip.  I am blown away at the response that I received!  Donations from $2.00 to much larger have been a constant in our mailbox.  I am so thankful for my friends and family that have been so supportive of me.
From the very beginning, the cost of the trip was the biggest obstetrical.  How could I pay for this trip on my own?  Could Kate and I really afford to do this?  The more I thought and prayed about this trip, the more that I knew that it was something that God was leading me to.  The fact that my trip is now paid in full is another testimony of God providing!  Before I left on vacation, I was $450.00 short on my funds.  As I walked out of church on Sunday morning, I was $10.00 short!  Thanks to those who helped support me.  My prayer is that God would bless you as you have blessed me!
Now that the trip is paid for, the reality of the trip is starting to set in.  I cannot believe that in just under 60 days, I'll be headed to Asia!   Looks like I better start getting things in order.  I am already excited about what God will do in and through this trip.  I know that it is going to be an eye opening experience for our team!  I am also anticipating that God is going to use it in huge ways in our student's lives as well.
Thanks for your support of my trip to this point.  If you would like to be praying for the team and I, here are some specific ways that you can be praying:
1.  Not everyone is fully funded.  Please pray for funds to come in for the other teammembers
2.  Pray that God would be preparing us for our time in SE Asia.
3.  Each of us are leaving behind family and ministries.  Please pray for our families.  Please also pray for our ministries.  Us being gone, means other leaders need to step in and take over for us.  Please pray that God would prepare those leaders.

Thanks for your support!