lazy day today included...

Pancakes in the morning
driving to Loren's (Dumb idea!)
cheese ravioli
Heard that Larry won his match at state.

Ahh... I better get to work. I think I am going to head in and make sure that things are set up for sunday.

Yep, thats my day,


Brad said...

Yougurt and O.J.
Nap during Sports Center
Price is Right
Beaver Pride Athletic Booster Lunch
Home to watch Tyra and Montel
Played with the girls all afternoon
Keith's Pizza for dinner
Watched Little Miss Sunshine (I would not recommend)
Home to run, watch Letterman and off to bed.

Thats my lazy day....

folkestad said...

Little Miss Sonshine is our favorite movie! We watched it on Thursday night. WASTE OF TIME! There was like two funny lines.
How do you get nominated for ANY award if you die before the midway point? DUMB movie!

ps. I watched Tyra too.

Katie wants to inform you that she did not see Tyra, and she did work all day, if all day includes 3 hours. :)