its hot out!

SO... We just had to pick the hottest week of the summer to spend up at camp! I guess it is never a bad time to be up at camp, but wow is it hot! At least we are in Loon with the air conditioning! That makes things much better, especially with Caden!
My favorite part about being "camp pastor" is just being able to hang out with the staff and pray for the week at camp. I firmly believe that being at camp can be a monumental time in young people's lives, but its also just one week. One of the recurring prayers I have had is that what is being communicated and experienced is not just a week long experience, but a beginning to a lifetime commitment.
I love camp, especially Big Sandy! Its just good to be a part of it!

That being said, I have made my way back to St. Croix Falls for our final youth group night of the summer! It will be a hot one, that is for sure! I am excited as we spend out last night together before taking August off to give our volunteers a break, and for our leadership team to gear up for next fall! I am so excited for September! It will mark our first annual Yuck Fest! Should be a great time!

Time for me to get to bed,



Brad said...

Its about time...still waiting on the life stuff. I check back often. Althogh I have to admit I check the Caden blog first.

Good to hear you are having a good time at camp. I really miss that place...just not on weeks like this. Say hi to the gang for me.

As for it being hot. What a week to break the new house in! I read the thremostat before I went to bed on Tuesday and it read 98 degrees. That's hot. So needless to say I got up early this morning to put up the curtain rods that Lisa bought last night. hopefully they will help keep the sun and the heat out.

As long as Caden is in training for the the infant frequent flyer should know you are welcome in Bemidji anytime. We will even find a place for you all to crash if you want to stay over night.

Say hello to Kate and give Caden a high five for me.