crunch time...

Time is ticking and I am feeling the crunch. So much to do to get ready for this trip. Tonight I am feeling overwhelmed. I thought I would leave a few prayer requests here so you can be praying as we prepare for the trio.
1. Pray for the prep work - all of us are leaving our student ministries for 2 weeks. There us a lot of prep work to get done. Thankfully I am leaving our ministry in great hands.
2. Pray for good family time. We are all also leaving behind families. We want to maximize the family time before we leave.
3. Pray that God would be preparing our hearts now for what we will see and experience while we are gone.

Thanks for praying. I'd love to hear back from you all. Comment and let me know you are reading. I am excited you'll be following along with us!

Ps... sorry in advance for any typos. This is my first post from my cell phone (how I will be updating on the trip) sometimes the auto correct adds some weird words.
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Jennifer said...

I'm reading! :) And I'm excited for your trip! I'll be keeping you and your group in my prayers.

Brad said...

I am reading and have been excited the last to days to see you new post. Its funny you left this post last night because I was going to call you to see how things were going and what you thought your needs we so we could be praying for you and your team. Now I know and I don't need to tie up any of your time and you scramble to get things together and spend QT with your fam.