jet lag

Well, the sun just came up and I am wide awake. I was able to sleep for a solid 4 hrs tonight. I hear we have a long bus ride this after noon that I am hoping gives me an opportunity to catch a nap.
Hopefully these posts will become a bit more coherent soon. Sorry about that.

Here is an update:
Our flights were long, but good. We've watched far to many movies, and I have played over 100 holes of golf on the little video game (each seat has a personal video screen for movies, games and more)
Our friend Ben, who lost his passport, is now in Korea waiting for a flight to meet up with us. I really feel bad for him. He has spent a lot of time sitting in airports so far this trip. We are looking forward to him joining us and finally being able to enjoy the trip. Please pray that the trip will not be over shadowed by these difficulties for him. I know he must be frustrated.
Today we head to start visiting some of the alliance missions and missionaries. I am excited to see and learn about what is happening here.

It is hot and humid! Last night when we arrived, it was 85 and crazy humid. Weather report for today is more of the same. 90 percent humidity. My hair is going to be so curly!

I can't promise I'll have internet the next few nights. Don't worry, no new posts does not mean anything is wrong. I will at least give a quick update whenever I get internet.
I can actually write posts, and save them to my phone. So when I get a signal, I will post what I've written. Remember though, I am not posting everything we see and experience. I gotta have some stories to tell when I get back.;)

Time for a great day! I'll post again soon.

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