24 - Review #2

The first four hours have proved to be intense! No character is safe! Jack escaping, saw it coming, head of terrorism group wanting peace, I can believe that, Using a son as leverage to get a package delivered, saw it, jack busting in the door just before the "innocent" gets shot, yep... saw it coming, Jack killing Curtis, Unbelievable! The nuclear bomb going off in the 4th hour.... WOW! Did not see that coming!

24 is a great show that just got upgraded to an A rating in my book! You just don't blow up LA in the 4th hour! NICE! I am hooked!

I question the amount of gore they use. It seems to be a bit over the top. Maybe that is just because I was watching it with my youth group, but it seemed to be alot.

Great show though! Sometime I will blog about the racial topics this show brings up. It has provided some good discussion for me so for.

Good show!


Joel said...


I found your blog through Josh Griffin. I read with interest your blogs on "24". Did you know you can watch the show on myspace? I have a lot of church meetings on Monday nights and don't have TIVO or DVD recorder and was pleased to find the myspace. Here's my blog about it. . .http://everyoneelsebutjoel.blogspot.com/2007/04/24-did-you-know.html

By the way, I enjoyed the rest of the blog as well.