Change is almost always needed...

But almost always difficult. Our student ministry has come to a cross roads. We are currently too large for our meeting area. This is a great thing! A wonderful thing! A God thing! .... So why is it so hard to make a change that will more effectively minister to this large group of students? I believe it is because we are afraid of change, intimacy and accountability.
In a large group, it is easy to hide in the corner. You can walk in a room with 50 other students and nobody will seek you out, or at least for long. You can sit back and watch the night unfold. I am not saying that this is a bad thing, but I do believe it keeps many people, including myself, from growing.
To address this problem, we are splitting our group and meeting on different nights. We are also adding Small groups to allow students a chance to have a more personal experience as well as connect them with a loving adult. Our new Schedule will be as follows.

Jr High:
Jr. High Large Group - 7:00pm Wednesday
Small Groups - Sunday's - meeting in homes

Sr. High:
Sr. High Large Group - 5:00pm - Sunday
Small Groups - Wednesday - 7:00pm - meeting in homes

Our exception will be the first Week of each month when both jr and sr high will meet together for a large group night. During this first week, no small groups will meet.

Does this sound crazy? Does this sound undoable? I realize that it is different. But I see it as exciting as well. It allows us to better disciple our believes while still attracting seekers and friends to our ministry.

I firmly believe that God is leading in this change. That means that it is the right thing, and that Satan doesn't want it to happen. it is my prayer that our students and families would jump on board with this change. It is also my prayer that we would continue to make an impact on our communities for Christ through our young people!


Tim said...

Looks great to me! Including small groups to your ministry, if done right, will be one of your most invaluable tools for reaching kids on an intimate level.

Nathan said...

Yes, yes, the deal. Actually I had a comment on the Pat Robertson post, but held off on posting it cuz I wanted to read the original transcript and not go by hearsay. Also, I hope you aren't putting any spoilers in the 24 posts cuz I have them recorded on DVR and haven't got around to watch them yet.
Nice new design.
Making a change in youth group meeting times, often needed. Hope the youth adjust quickly. I'll pray that the new meeting times bring a deeper ministry. Pray for me as the alternative kids haven't been coming. It seems the mainstream has kept these fringe kids on the fringe. I'm trying not to scream. Shalom.