Closer the Heaven in 2007?

Pat Robertson recently declared that the US would be attacked in late 2007. Several cities and possibly millions of people would be affected by this attack. He said that God didn't specify if it would be nuclear or not, but he believed that it might have been. This isn't the first time that Robertson has made predictions that "God gave him."
What do you think? Did God speak to Robertson? Should Robertson tell the world that God told him this? How should we react to this?

I have a hard time believing Mr. Robertson. I believe that God speaks to his Children, sometimes through dreams. However, I just have a hard time believing much that comes out of his mouth. Maybe it is a personal thing, but I just have a hard time with him.

I could go on, but I guess I will just wait to see what others think about it.


Nathan said...

Robertson isn't a prophet like the ones we know in the Old Testament. When God told Abraham that He was going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, He was very specific on where and why. What good is it to say a disaster of great magnitude will strike some city in the U.S. and with no specific reason? It reminds me of fortune-tellers and horoscopes: make it vague enough and its gotta be true. If you read the transcript, Robertson said he hopes he's wrong. If he had any doubt that he could be, he should have kept his mouth shut. And absent also is the cry for mercy that Abraham had. Abraham knew the sinfulness of S&G, yet he begged God for mercy for the faithful that might be there. It seems to me that Robertson has always seemed to rejoice in judgment and justice coming to evil men. We should be more like David, who mourned when his adversary, Saul, was killed, even though he deserved it. (Did you mourn when Saddam was killed?) Robertson may be a man of God at heart, but for me I have a hard time seeing his love and on that note struggle to respect him as a Christian leader. Pray for him and other leaders who claim to speak for Christianity.