Sometimes I wish I could scream!

Do you ever wish you could beat the gospel into someone? Ever wish that you could scream the love of Jesus into someone's life? I wonder if Jesus ever felt that way when he lived here? Did he ever get so frustrated with someone he just screamed, "YOU DON"T GET IT!?" Did He ever just want to punch someone so that they would listen to Him?
Does he ever do that with me now? Does he ever get frustrated with me not doing what I should be? Does he just wanna punch me to get my attention?
The Sunday School version of Jesus I once knew would never have feelings or thoughts like that. But the Jesus I have been reading about and talking with lately has those feelings I think. He sometimes just wants me to get it even though I don't. I think that sometimes I am to him, what some of my students are to me. Bull headed and ignorant of what is best for me.
Today, I am thankful for passion; a passion worth living out! What are you thankful for today?


Nathan said...

In continued support of my fellow blogger...I HEAR THAT SCREAM.