Twins, church softball, and wi-fi news

I am watching the twins right now. It is in the 10th inning with Morneau is up with 2 outs! Man just get a single. WOW a homerun that was awesome! He hit that a mile! That was amazing!

Church softball was good tongiht. We played Alliance 1 who is the old guys from the church. We played well but lost by a run. Oh well. We had a good time!

Great Wi-Fi news! The St. Croix Falls Regional Hospital has Wi-Fi in the rooms. I will be able to give updates on the labor! I am sure Kate will be excited about that! Anyway, look forward to that! :)

Thats all for now, just wanted to give a quick update, but now I need to go and celebrate the Twins Win with a quick shower and hit the bed.

Go Twins!


Brad said...

I am not sure how much informtion I want. Just let me know when the little guy is born.

Yeah the walk-off was nice. He was due! And so were the Twins.

How was the softball game. Dd you get to cut any grass with that rusty old mower blade?

folkestad said...

I totally wondered what that blade was doing in there! I was like? What the heck?

I will let you know when the little guy is born though, don't you worry.

When are you going to send the tux stuff?

Brad said...

Relax...get off my case...just kidding (you're not the only one telling me to send the stuff out...believe me). You'll get the stuff. I had everything ready to go out last night and found an error in the letter that was going out with it. It really isn't a huge deal as long as you can get it back to me or e-mail the mesurements to the tux place by May 30.

I wish I could have been there to see your face when you opened up the bag. I was imagining you sitting in front a bunch of your new dogging and telling them about the glory days and then opening it up and trying to explain to them why you carry a rusty old mower blade in your baseball bag...priceless.

folkestad said...

actually, I was by myself down in the garage, and thought it must have just gotten tossed into the bag by accident. Sorry.

I did get a chuckle out of it when I found it was you though. If that makes you feel any better.

Think I am going to the twins game on Friday, should be Santana I think.