Today I spoke in a villiage about 2 hours from Iringa. I just love our trips out of the city and into the villiages and bush. We were able to experience road construction Africa style. Lets just say, Minnesota has nothing to complain about! It was an eventful trip to say the least.
When we arrived, they served us breakfast. It didn't matter that we had already eaten breakfast. We had homemade french fries (My new favorite breakfast) 2 kinds of bread, and lots of fresh fruit. Of course there was coco, coffee and chai. WOW was I full after that!
The church service went well. I was able to help serve communion. It was fun to preach in a packed sancuary full of people who REALLY WANTED TO BE THERE! They danced for us, sang for us and it was great! I don't know what my interpretor said, but I had some great stuff :)
They take two offerings at each service. (we can hardly get people to give to one in America) If they don't have money to give, they bring a chicken, basket of potatoes, peas, or whatever else they might have. That is the definition of OFFERING! Man, can America learn from the African church, AND THEY ARE LUTHERANS! (lets keep that on the down low though)
After the service, MORE Chacola (food). This time it was Rice, potatoes, fruit, beef, chicken, spagetti, and soda. VERY FULL NOW! The pastor told me that in Kitaboga they have a way of eating. Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Aparently you need to eat three times. I don't know if that passes my Crown College Theology 1 class, but hey, the food was great!
It was just great to see how a different culture worships our same God. One observation I did notice. Church is not a Sunday Morning chore for them. They want to be there. They want to worship. They want to fellowship. Lets bring that to our congregations. Where ever you go on Sunday Mornings, make it a place that is worth going to! If you do your part, others will follow! Ok there I am preaching again, sorry.
Anyway, we dropped off the ladies in Polmeran (a villiage about an hour from here). they will be teaching classes until Wednesday afternoon when we go back and pick them up. So if they do not answer their emails, it isn't because of an elephant. They are just not where there is internet, or electricity for that matter. Don't worry they have a generator from 6-10 at night.
That is all for now.

**Actually, we had a GREAT day today! We were able to see 3 projects completed! Ilula primary school now has water for the first time ever! it was exciting as we turned the water on and watched as kids started running, singing, dancing and filling water jugs to bring home. It was amazing.
We also installed a new mother board for the ultrasound machine in the hospital. Did we know what we were doing.... NOPE. Does it work now.... YEP! I think God mighta helped out. And just incase you were wondering, Justice, the head well driller is not pregnant. We checked. :)
Talk to you soon! We are excited to get back, but reluctant to leave! Our bus leaves on Sunday morning at 9am. Our plane leave Dar Es Salaam at 11:50pm Sunday night. We arrive in MN at 12:20 on Monday. NO calls please. :)
For what its worth...
Chris and the ladies (technically they are not here, but I am sure they say hi)


chris arthur said...

what do you think would happen if brang a chicken to church for offering? lol miss ya man

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris
I sure do look forward to reading your blog everyday, what will I do when you are back in Sebeka? Why are we so reserved with worship, as far as really letting our emotions take over? Probably cause that is how I was taught, to sit down and shut up...if not you got the look for dad. didn't want that. Praying for all of you
In Christ, Janet

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris
I had to go back and read the elephant story again...I even printed it for further need a laugh days. In Christ, Janet