Stick your nose out!!!!!

Today, we recieved driving lessons from our driver Dennis! Don't worry NONE of us will be driving!

Mom, you always told me that I needed to follow rules and "what would it be like if there were no stop signs." Well in Dar Es Salaam, a city of 2.5 million people, there are no stop signs! And everyone gets along just fine! You just need to stick your nose out. Sounds funny, but everyone respects it. Once one person starts going, the other drivers just let them through. I know that none of you believe this, but we have video of it to prove it!

We have now arrived in Iringa. On the way, we saw Zebra, Elephant, Buffalo, Impala and a giraff. On Tuesday and Wedensday we will get a closer look as we are on our Safarri!

I better get off now, Thanks again for updating and praying! Your prayers are being answered! We are having a great time, and everything is going well. Tomorrow we will be at church most of the day. It will be exciting to worship with people from Tazania! Aparently I am preaching, PRAY!

Thanks for your concern!

Chris and the ladies


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris and Ladies! So good to hear from you. It is COLD!!!! The wind is blowing and it's about 25 degrees. Chance of rain and snow tonight...70% chance tomorrow. Joe came and worked on your computer Fri. Did some cartoon stuff. Nice for him to have something constructive to do. Take care...God Bless! Prayers are with you....Jayne