Karibo (no not the coffee shop)

(I am sorry if this is a double post)
I have never felt SO WELCOME in a place in my life. Karibo is the word for welcome, and I believe we heard it a thousand times at each place we stopped. We attended church at a local outreach point (church plant) today. First we had to go the the pastor's house for tea/chi/coffee and chabata bread. It was great. I have learned that if you add enough raw sugar to anything, it tastes good!After our service, we went back to the pastor's community where a well has been in place for some time now. They are so appreciative of the well, they wanted to thank us with a traditional dance and song. It was amazing! Apparently it is very special to be able to see this. We have pictures and video to show when we return.After the song and dance, we went to meet the Father at a catholic church that is also in need of some water. He was a GREAT guy! Probably my favorite person we have met so far. His sense of humor was great! I look forward to seeing more of him before I return!Finally, we went to a worker of the ministry's place to pick up some eggs for the morning. He is a great guy that is a VERY hard worker! He dug his own well by hand... Over 70 feet! He is also our translator, for when we need it.It has been a great day, but now we are very tired. Sandy wishes to tell her family that she loves them and she is doing great. Carolyn sends the same message to her family. And since they are, I better too.Tomorrow we are going to a school of 1400 students. The ladies will be helping with health and sanitation classes, and I will be working with students to clean up the grounds. It should be a GREAT time!Thanks again for your prayers. We continue to be blessed!Remember that you can comment back to us by clicking on the comment link just below this post. It would be great to hear from all of you! you can also send us comments at chrisfolkestad@rocketmail.com. Thanks and have a great day!For what it's worth...Chris and the ladies


Roxy Hillier said...

Chris,Thanks for keeping us all updated.... I look forward to it! Pray for you guys daily.

Anonymous said...

Sounds exciting. I'll be anxious to hear the kids sing. By the way, Carolyn, I need a date on Dec.11. Thanks! Take Care and God Bless