Random thoughts from our time in Tanzania...

Here is just a random list of thoughts I have about our time in Tanzania. If you are curious about any specific thought, comment or email me and I will elaborate...

1. daladala (local bus) can be described as a glorified minivan with 20 people, 10 bundles of fire wood and a chicken.
2. Even when you come to Tanzania, you always meet someone with a connection to you (more to come on that)
3. Just because you order a beef burger doesn't mean it actually tastes like beef
4. There is no need for stop signs, I don't know why USA wastes money of them
5. People are much more nice here than they are in Minnesota!
6. I costs 125.00 (US) for a turkey for Thanksgiving. We will settle for 3 chickens!
7. Its hard to think that it is November when it is 90 degrees!
8. Living with Old ladies isn't all that bad (but its not all that great either)
9. Tanzanians are NEVER inside, they are outside all day long!
10. The food is better than I thought, but man could I go for a Pizza Ranch Pizza!
11. This is an experience that everyone needs to have! Get off your butts and do something!

**We are having a great day once again! I will blog later about my lunch friends. The ladies spent the day shopping and preparing for their teaching time for monday -wedensday. It has been a relaxing day, after a hecktic week of travel and work.
***I have heard that some of you are wondering when we are going to start actually doing something over here. Rest assured that we are doing tons of stuff. We have spent 2 days working at the Ilula primary school, Have visited a couple water well sites, Have spent a lot of time getting to know the people of Iringa, and other random stuff. The ladies will be leaving for a couple days as they will be spending time at Palmeran teaching health and sanitation until Wednesday night. Rest assured, we ARE doing things over here :)

For what it's worth...
Chris and the ladies


Kate said...

When do we get to hear the ladies perspective of having to put up with a young buck like you for the whole trip! Carolyn & Sandy: My prayers are with you for having to contstantly put up with Chris' wise cracks. See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys
God uses us in amazing ways. We think we are going to serve others and while we serve others our lives are the ones that God blesses. You can't get the whole picture unless your experience it for yourself. I can't wait until all of you come back and share those blessing with us. I will keep praying for your work and safety. In Christ, Janet

Anonymous said...

If anyone is making comments such as "when are you going to do something" they obviously have never had a short-term Missions experience and/or do not understand what they are all about. Praying for continued safety, health and blessings to all of you. Not 90 here but pretty nice for November 19th. Would love to be there with you.