Giving away books

Today before we left for our Safari, we were able to meet Paul, a Masai man studying to be a pastor at Tulani University here in Iringa.
I was able to give him some Purpose Driven books to help him. He was especially thankful for the Purpose Driven Youth Ministry book. He told me that it would help reach the young men in his tribe who do not attend church right now.

I thank PDYM for donating books for me to give away. The people here are very appreciative of them! Paul is going to be telling his friends at class tomrrow, and I will be delivering them sometime next week. Thanks again PDYM.

We are off for the Safari, talk to you this weekend! This is just a quick update to let everyone know that we are ACTUALLY doing something! I am also preaching in a villiage this weekend (I just found out this morning!) Things are really starting to pick up! Thanks for your prayers.

Please continue to pray for our health. It would be a shame if any more of us have to stay back because of sickness. Carolyn can attenst that when you stay back you miss out. Thanks for your prayers!

For what its worth,
Chris and the ladies


Anonymous said...

hey, Chris! Wes says we have to write..Sounds like you are having a great time and that God is using you to make a difference in the lives of the people in Africa!! We are not surprized of course because it is His work!! We sincerely hope Carolyn is on the mend and that no one else is so lucky! We are anticipating hearing about your safari expedition..In the mean time we are considering just what the statue next to St. Uhro might look like :) Kate went for lunch with us after church on Sun. Blueberry Pines. Gotta go..bus is here ttyl. Wes and Denise

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris, Sandy and Carolyn...Just wanted to let you know, Chris, we are realizing how valuable you are around here....Paul couldn't get the cd to play for church, the recorder doesn't record the sermons. People will realize you ARE worth what we pay you! Hope Carolyn is better...bum deal for her. Hi to both of them. IT IS SO QUIET AROUND HERE:-) Jayne

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,

We're at Family/JAM night...had great soup tonight. Just wanted to say Hi!

Jayne, Janet, Jodi, Maggie, Dan, Carol

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris
Finally, I am able to get on the plunge site. We saw your brother in the Pizza Hut on Sunday, he said "Do you know my brother is in Africa." Brittany said "yea, I was suppose to be there too." Bet she doesn't miss the next trip. How awesome to minister to people in Africa...Like the girl from House of Hope said "There is no high like the "Most High". Have a great trip. Can't wait to hear about your safari. We are praying for you and Katie, too. In Christ, Janet and Brittany

Anonymous said...

Hey chris, carolyn, and sandy,

we think, chris, that the fire stuff was right up your are such a pyro...and you let us believe it was a fifth grader!! You probably smuggled in some fire works as well. I just think that carolyn and sandy are deserving of something pretty special for hangin' with you for this trip! The safari sounds like it was a good time and that carolyn is pretty brave! wes is pretty interested in the water/well facts. he is anxious to hear about the drilling site. I bet the time is going very fast. You will all be back before ya know it....ttyl bornemans

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, Sandy, and Carolyn,
Just sitting here at my computer and thinking about what a wonderful adventure and learning experience you are having. God uses us in ways we don't even realize and I'm sure you're touching hearts that will have a ripple effect for a long time to come!! Hope all is going well! You're in our thoughts and prayers daily!! Dan and Carol