Ok, I give in...

I have decided to allow Carolyn to make any corrections or additions to this blog. I gave her a chance the first time, but she turned me down. To be honest, she turned me down because she was doing dishes. So I have decided to let her back on to share with you her thoughts of the trip.

Carolyn's Two Cents...

We are almost on the last leg of this journey. What a life changing experience. I am so
aware of how hard the activities of daily living are in this part of the world. Traffic is
something to experience. It is amazing that more people don't get run over. The roads
require much prayer and I must admit to have many times of terror... Everytime we are
in a vehicle there are people walking along the dusty roads with their heavy loads. We
(Sandy and I and lilly) taught for three days. No books, few desks, one piece of chalk and
52 students in most of our classes. Ages 18 to 33. Eager to learn. The people are warm, friendly and love to hear us try to speak swaheli. They laugh alot. I look forward to being able to drink water from the faucet, a glass of milk, and in my own bed. We are having the first rain and hail since we have been here. I guess that
means that summer is coming. It is hard to admit but Chris has been quite a hit here. The college students loved him. He did a great job preaching and they love his humor. (Don't tell him I told you because he has harrassed me unmercifully.) Yesterday was Thanksgiving.
We must be truly grateful for our blessings. I can assure you I am.


Anonymous said...

Hi guys

I pray that you have a safe and healthly trip home. I can't wait to hear more about your trip.
In Christ, Janet