today's sermon on education

Today, I had supper with about 20 1 year university students. They taught me something. We take education for granted! for many of them, they wait 3-5 years to be accepted into the university. Then they need to find a sponsor to help pay their way. They do not have text books for any of their classes, and they are being taught by a professor that speaks their 3rd language (tribal language, national language and then english). But they are learning, and they are loving it! Many of them show up for the first day of class without a Bible even!
On Sunday I was able to give a youth ministry book to about 15 forth year students. For many of them, they have a bible and that book. Do you think that they will take care of it! Absolutly! I think about the bookshelves of books I have, and how I have never read most of them. Again, something that we take for granted!
Tomorrow I am going to a Maasai tribe villiage to help drill a well for them. The maasai do not have formal education because their young people are too busy in the fields working the cattle. One teenager I met out there last week has 300 cattle already! That is all the live for, it is how they survive.
We are blessed with great education! Its too bad it took me 25 years to realize it. I hope you take time to realize it as well.

For what its worth...


Gabriel said...

great to hear about your trip. I thought you might want to know that our first baseman won the MVP. GO Twins!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris
Thanks for sharing your mission trip with us. God has to stop all of us and make us realize what we have and how we use it. In Christ,

Anonymous said...

hey chris, how was your day(or night) with the elephant.
i can't wait until you come back
from Africa so i can see you at church!!!!!