Our transportation while in Africa

Here is a quick picture of our transportation from the airport to Iringa (over 5 hour drive). It could make for a "missions experience!"

In case you are wondering, no this isn't really our transportation, but I thought it was a great photo! I can only imagine that will will have simular photos to share once we get there!

Again, stay tuned to this blog, I will do my absolute best to keep it updated, with stories and photos! We are just a couple days away! Thanks for your prayers!

For what its worth....
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Chris Arthur said...

Be safe and Godspeed. Take care of your team mates!

Anonymous said...

haha!! i beleived u at first!!! i was even lookin 4 u on the truck! lol but then i kept reading it!!
be safe and God bless!!
~ Tina~