How do you pack for a place you have never been?

I am struggling to know how to pack for a place that I have never been. Sure, I have packing hints from internet sites as well as information for our leaders, but really... How do you pack for a place you have NO IDEA about? That is the struggle for me right now.
Every time I travel, I forget something! Can you relate? It never fails, I always have to run to the store and pick something up. I don't think I will have that same luxury this time around. For one, I don't think that they have many stores in the villiage we will be in, secondly, I doubt there are many Africans who wear XXL. I guess I better double check my list!
Even though I don't know what to pack, its still fun to pack! With everything I put in my suitcase I get to dream about what it is going to be like. What it will be like to need sunscreen in November, what it will be like taking pictures of an elephant that isn't being led by a clown at a circus, and if people will understand me when I preach in the churches.
So.... As most people are sleeping this friday night before the sacred hunt, I am dreaming about my upcoming saffari where I will see more wildlife than I ever thought exsisted. You hunt your deer, I will take pictures of my Zebra! Wow, Exciting!
Now that I have totally wondered off my original topic I better stop. Good night everyone! Happy hunting!

For what its worth...


Chris Arthur said...

you have your wife do it?