Internet Cafe with limited power = frustrations!

I am trying now for the second time to get this post up. It will be much shorter because I had a nice long one typed out and then the power went out. Lets hope this works this time!

We have arrived in Dar Ex Salaam! We got in at midnight on Friday morning. We stayed at a nice mission last night. Today we shopped, went to the wood carving market and ate pizza and chineese food. Sounds African to me!

Tomorrow morning we head out the Iringa (6-8 hour drive!). We will finally be getting to where we will be spending the remainder of our time. It will be great to finally start working with the people. Even though we have not "Started" we have seen God move in and through us in several different ways.

We are all healthy and well (BUT VERY TIRED). Now it is off to get a good night sleep before our big car ride tomorrow! I hope to update this as much as possible from here on out. No promise though.

One final comment. Carolyn got her scissors taken away and I got searched in Amsterdam. Good times are had by all! Who wants to come next year?

For what its worth....
Chris (and team)