Run Carolyn run(s)

So... This morning I asked Carolyn if she was ready for the day. She said... "No.. I am not going." (well to be truthfully she was going, but not where we were.) Carolyn is the first winner of the "Take this pill at the first onset of travelers diarrhea." Thankfully, after a day of rest (and doing my laundry) she is feeling much better and is ready for our trip tomorrow.

Sandy and I were able to go to the school in Ilula. There were 1400 students there. We were able to teach them health and sanitation classes. We will be back on Friday to clean up the school yard. It was a great day! Sandy is looking for a painting team for next year to come back and paint the school rooms. If you wanna come, talk to her when she gets back.

Tomorrow morning we leave for Ruaha National Park for our safari trip. That means that there will not be a new update to this blog until Friday night our time at the very earliest. If you do not hear from us by Sunday consider us trampled by an elephant and send memorial money to Loren Ferch for the purchase of a new memorial garden to be placed next to St. Urho. Seriously though, there will not be any updates for a day.

I guess that is all for now. We look forward to reading your comments.

For what it's worth...
Chris and the ladies


Jody said...

Hey Chris, Carolyn & Judy,
A karibo from home to you. Just got done reading all your entries, sounds like a very blessed and fun time. I pray for you for your saftey, and the Jabez that you be blessed, and that your territory be increased in the name of Jesus.Look forward to more of your reports,stay focused and safe.
See Ya!! Jody S.